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Application documents*

Release: 2.3.9
Publication date:
September 2022
Unique Device Identifier (UDI): *+B373VPPI0/$$72.3.9X*


Visible Patient Planning iOS is a free application allowing to manipulate anatomical 3D models.

VP Planning iOS is CE0459 marked

It is strictly limited to healthcare professionals and can be used in clinical routine and/or for patient care in the Australia, in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Kuwait, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the countries of the European Union for which national regulations are respected, i.e. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

In other countries, the software is considered as a prototype software and thus its use is restricted to demonstration, research, educational purposes or communication with the patient. Any other use is strictly prohibited, particularly clinical use for diagnostic interpretation or treatment planning on human beings.

Visible Planning iOS

Indications for use:

Visible Patient Planning iOS is intended as a medical imaging system that allows the review, analysis, communication, and interchange of both adult and pediatric medical data. It is also intended as software for preoperative surgical planning, postoperative control and as software for the intraoperative display of the aforementioned medical data.

This product is not intended for use with or for the primary diagnostic interpretation of mammography images.

The software includes basic tools to manage medical data, including 3D visualization, reading of medical documents, measurements, secured transferring, storing, etc.

It also includes advanced tools to visualize and analyze organ segments which are an approximation of vascular/airway territories for liver, lungs and kidneys.

The software is designed to be used by trained professionals (including physicians, surgeons and technicians) and is intended to assist the clinician who is solely responsible for making all final patient management decisions.




  • 3D modeling visualization
  • Virtual resection simulation by clip applying
  • Medical report visualization
  • Visible Patient data reader

System requirement:

  • Apple iOS 12/iPadOS 13 or above
  • 300 MB of available storage
  • 2 GB of memory available
  • Data connection required


*Release notes and user manuals of the application can be downloaded in PDF.Adobe Reader is required.


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