Working for the patient and the physician

  • Visible Patient works to strengthen trust between the patient and the medical team.
  • With the 3D model: interventions are better prepared and the patient also understands the proposed therapies.


Innovate to offer ever more services

  • Visible Patient invests more than a third of its expenses in its research and development, in particular in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.
  • Our objective: develop new services for healthcare professionals and target ever more pathologies. We are committed to using Artificial Intelligence for humans and only under human control.


Make our innovations accessible to the largest number

  • Since 2018, Visible Patient undertakes a unique approach aiming to obtain 100% coverage of its analysis service from French private health insurances.
  • In 2023, over 50% of the French population is covered, demonstrating that it is possible to push the limits of the system for the benefit of patients. In addition to its research projects, the company is now working on the next step: French social security coverage for this major innovation for patient health.


Guarantee optimal quality and safety

  • In addition to obtaining CE marking and FDA authorization for our Visible Patient Suite (compulsory for medical devices), we have made the choice to guarantee maximum and continuous quality of developments and services. .
  • To this end: from its creation, Visible Patient has set up a voluntary quality assurance process by applying the EN ISO 13485:2016 standard. Since 2014, Visible Patient is certified and audited every year by GMED..

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