Bespoke 3D modelling of medical images

3D organ modelling: a new approach to the anatomy of the human body

Modèle 3D organes

Specialized in the development of 3D images of organs, Visible Patient has developed a centre of expertise dedicated to 3D anatomical modelling.

A team of experts dedicated to the analysis of the human anatomy in 3D

With a team of engineers and specialized medical radiology technicians, Visible Patient is the first online 3D modelling laboratory for all the organs in adults and children: lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, colon, pancreas, thyroid and parathyroid…

A concentration of expertise in modelling and reading 3D images.

3D models can be visualized thanks to a software developed by Visible Patient that is easy to install on all your screens. The Visible Patient Suite is a set of medical imaging software intended to provide qualified healthcare professionals with tools to help them read, interpret, monitor and plan treatment.

3D organs modelled by Visible Patient are available in a 3D printable format. The images are proposed in STL, VTK and DICOM image formats.

Visible Patient, partner of your expertise for:

  • Surgery (open or minimally invasive)
  • Research and development
  • Clinical – preclinical studies
  • Robotic surgery
  • Training
  • Simulation
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality
  • 3D printing


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