Why not take advantage of 3D organ modelling for your 3D printing projects?


A service tailored to the needs of the 3D anatomical printing domain.

From DICOM medical images, Visible Patient detects and delineates anatomical and pathological structures and provides the masks of these structures and their surfacic 3D meshes in various formats (STL, GLB…).

Application fields:

  • Physical simulation,
  • Preoperative training,
  • Educational object for patients or students.



“…it is essential to have a morpho-faithful replica of the pathological organ…”

“We turned to Visible Patient for its ISO 13485-certified organ modelling software. As part of a project with Hospices Civils de Lyon, we are developing flexible anatomical models for complex arterial procedures in vascular surgery. To enable the surgeon to anticipate and simulate the surgical procedure, it is essential to have a morpho-faithful replica of the pathological organ. Visible Patient provides thus the 3D model of this organ using DICOM files extracted from MRI images of the patient to be operated.

The benefits are obviously time saving and the digital file is directly printable using our dynamic molding technology. For the surgeon, the preparation of the surgical procedure is more precise, which directly reduces the risk of postoperative complications for the patient”.

Certified medical device in over 30 countries (EC, FDA…)

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