Why not take advantage of 3D organ modelling for your projects?

First online laboratory for medical image analysis, Visible Patient proposes you a custom-made service

Application fields:

  • 3D printing (STL, VPZ export…),
  • Simulation (VTK, MHD, VPZ export…),
  • Virtual and augmented reality (GLB export),
  • Preclinical (VPZ; STL, GLB export…)
  • Veterinary ( VPZ, STL, GLB export…)



  • Certified medical device in over 30 countries (EC, FDA…)
  • GDPR-compliant data management
  • Health data hosting
  • ISO13485:2016, MDSAP quality certification (USA, Canada, Australia)

A simple and accessible service in 3 secure steps:

  1. Sending the images via E-Media’s secure system with deidentification of medical images (https://www.e-media.fr/la-mediabox/)
  2. 3D modelling system of pathologies from CT-scan or MRI images for more robustness in measurements.
  3. 3D models are realized from certified software. They are systematically controlled by qualified healthcare professionals who are radiology technicians.

Application fields

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