Why not take advantage of 3D organ modelling for your veterinary projects?


A service tailored to the needs of the veterinary domain.

From DICOM medical images, Visible Patient detects and delineates anatomical and pathological structures and provides the masks of these structures and their surfacic 3D meshes in various formats (STL, GLB…).



Application fields:

  • Preoperative analysis,
  • Organ modelling,
  • Volumetry,
  • Comparative study and evolution over time,
  • Virtual resection simulation.


Example of application: modelling of a sea turtle

A 3D model provided to the Study and Care Centre for Sea Turtles at the Aquarium of La Rochelle. We modelled a sea turtle using its scanner, the model was then printed in 3D  by Nove 3D and painted by the artist Valérie Naulleau for educational purposes to train the care teams.

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Certified medical device in over 30 countries (EC, FDA…)

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