Our history

Visible Patient, or when two worlds meet: computer sciences and surgery.


It is within IRCAD* (Research Institute against Digestive Cancer), flagship of the surgery of the future, that Visible Patient was born.

As a training facility and research center that thrives on innovation, IRCAD was the ideal environment to grow for what would shake up the medical world: computer-assisted surgery and 3D reconstruction of patient organs from a CT-scan or an MRI.  

Motivated by a same challenge, placing computer sciences at the service of life, Professor Luc Soler, President of Visible Patient, and his team work on making this unique technology available to physicians and patients.



*Founded in Strasbourg in 1994 by Professor Jacques Marescaux, IRCAD fully participates in the evolution of minimally invasive surgery. Now worldwide leader in the teaching of that discipline, the institute trains every year more than 6.000 surgeons from around the world in its Strasbourg headquarters, world capital of minimally invasive surgery.

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