Visible Patient Innovation

Visible Patient Solution makes patient organs visible in 3D

Visible Patient is the first secure online laboratory for 3D modelling of medical images,  allowing to transform a CT-scan or MRI image into a 3D copy of organs.

The only 3D modeling service supported by many mutuals.



For the patient

  • Improved understanding of the pathology
  • Easier communication with the medical team
  • Confirmed or optimized therapeutic choice

For the surgeon

  • Facilitate interpretation of medical images
  • Highlight anatomical variations
  • Simulate the considered procedure before surgery without risk
  • Access 3D simulation during the intervention

Each patient is unique

Size and shape of organs vary from one person to another. Seeing your organs in 3D ensures perfect understanding of your pathology.

From 2D CT-scan or MRI images in black and white, Visible Patient Solution reconstructs a volume and colour model of your anatomy.

The colour 3D model of Visible Patient Solution provides a clear and understandable vision for everyone.

Visible Patient,
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