3D to fight Covid-19

Severity of lung infections quantified thanks to 3D modelling

The objective of the 3D analysis provided by Visible Patient is to give, from a medical image, a fast, quantitative and precise measurement of the volume of damaged lung.

From a simple X-ray of the patient, Visible Patient extracts a 3D digital clone of the lungs. The advantage of this analysis is linked to the precise delineation of each infected or healthy region of the lung. It allows to define the remaining functional volume as well as the damaged volume, in particular an area referred to as “ground glass” which is systematically found in case of Covid-19 infection. The new diagnosis of severity is deduced from the value of those volumes.

From an X-ray scan (left), result of the 3D analysis (in posterior view) by Visible Patient providing the 3D model of pathological areas (orange and green) and the new diagnosis of severity NDS, here 31%.