New clinical study

The Grand Est Region finances a large scale study

The Grand Est Region has decided to finance the clinical phase of the Covid19 NDS project. The stake of this project will be to validate and confirm on a larger number of patients the predictive property of the new diagnosis of severity to optimize patient care.

To do this, the project will rely on a partnership between Visible Patient and three major hospitals of the Grand Est Region. Two studies conducted on 500 patients each will thus be carried out. The first retrospective is an extension of the first study which was conducted on only 40 patients. It will provide more data to finalize and evaluate the precision and computation time of the new automatic algorithm developed by Visible Patient based on Artificial Intelligence. The second study will be prospective and will have to allow the validation of tools and methods on standardized data. A total of 1000 patient files will thus be analyzed in order to guarantee the efficiency of the New Diagnosis of Severity that we propose.

For Research/Investigational Use only. The safety, effectiveness and performance characteristics of the New Diagnosis of Severity score related to the severity of lung damage induced by COVID-19 described herein, as well as the results, have not been established and is under scientific evaluation.