Visible Patient Solution works like an online medical analysis laboratory.

  • The CT-scan or MRI image is sent via a secure webportal to the Visible Patient team.
  • Healthcare professionals, qualified radiological technologists, are then in charge of analysing the images, using software developed by Visible Patient.
  • The 3D digital copy of the organ in question is then sent to the physician.


This 3D digital copy ensures a simplified understanding of the patient’s anatomy and its variations. Visible Patient thus avoids interpretation errors of medical images and gives a precise estimate of the devascularized volumes through preoperative simulation.

With the free VP Planning software and the 3D digital copy, you can SIMULATE and EASILY DEFINE your IDEAL THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURE.



Software developed by Visible Patient is certified medical device for use in Europe* (CE marking) and in the United States (FDA clearance).

The VP Planning software can be downloaded for free on a computer, tablet or smartphone and without any specialized installation.

* You can check the list of countries where our software is certified, click here.

Visible Patient Solution is now available for most digestive, thoracic, urologic and paediatric surgeries.

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