Visible Patient

VP Planning Mobile

Version : 2.2.1
Release date : September 2018

Visible Patient is specialized in 3D models creation representing human body anatomy. These accurate models are created from medical images (CT-Scan or MRI) and thus represent real clinical cases.

Visible Patient Planning allows to manipulate these models to identify anatomical structures quickly and precisely. Thanks to this app, healthcare professionals can access a free database of models or specific models in order to inform, warn or educate their patients, students or counterparts.


Visible Patient Planning is not certified as a commercial medical device for primary diagnostic imaging and is not certified to be used in clinical routine and/or patient care.
Visible Patient Planning is neither FDA approved nor CE marked. The software is considered as a prototype software and thus its use is restricted to communication with the patient, demonstration, research, or educational purposes. Any other use is strictly prohibited, particularly clinical use for diagnostic interpretation or treatment planning on human beings.


3D modeling visualisation
Medical report visualization
Visible Patient data reader

System requirements

iOS 10.3 or later
Storage : 300 MB available