1. Visible Patient provides the best 3D modeling quality:
    • 3D modeling provided by Visible Patient is produced and executed by experts only (trained and certified medical personnel) in medical image analysis.
  2. Visible Patient is truly cost effective:
    • You only pay for the 3D modeling service;
    • Our certified medical device software to read, upload, download, explore and handle images and 3D models is free of charge and you can install it and use it on as many computers as you want without any overcharge.
  3. Visible Patient helps you save time and money:
    • You do not need to learn how to use a complex medical image analysis software. You only send the image, Visible Patient does the 3D patient modeling for you.
    • For other existing solutions you need to buy several different software that you must become familiar with and use by yourself to extract a limited range of organs.
  4. Visible Patient is the only service that can provide you with a 3D model of any organ.
    • See our product lists or ask for a specific request.
  5. Visible Patient gives you the most flexible and portable solution for preoperative planning:
    • Visible Patient software runs on Windows, MacOS and iOS, from computer to tablet and smartphone.
    • You download the 3D model and visualize it offline on your personal devices.
  6. Visible Patient provides you certified services and software:
    • Visible Patient is ISO 13485 certified.
    • Our desktop software suite is CE marked and FDA cleared.
  7. Visible Patient is multi-OS and multi-support compatible:
    • Our free of charge medical device software works on a personal computer, as well as on smartphone or tablet.
    • Our free of charge software work under iOS, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating systems.